Why should I have a Bath Planet acrylic bathtub installed instead of removing my old tub?

Our innovative surfaces go right over your old ones eliminating the need to remove them. Saves time, saves money, and saves old tubs and tiles from going into a landfill. Better for the environment and better for you!

Why shouldn’t I just use bathtub resurfacing?

Paints and applied surfaces can stain, chip, and crack. Our custom fit liners are guaranteed for life!

How will my bathroom look when it’s all done?

In a word, fantastic! We have a beautiful selection of styles and colours to suit your lifestyle and your décor.

Will mold grow under the new tub or shower?

Our surfaces are non-porous which eliminates the concern about mold and mildew.

How long will a Bath Planet acrylic bathtub liner, shower or walk-in tub surround last?

With proper care, your materials will last a lifetime.

What type of warranty does Bath Planet offer?

Bath Planet offers a lifetime warranty.